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Pinterest Team

Scott Goodson (@appleguy) is an original author of Texture and, most recently, a driving force behind making Pinterest's design vision a reality with the recent rewrite of the iOS app.

Previously, Scott managed the Facebook Paper and Instagram iOS engineering teams, and helped lead the native code rewrite of the core Facebook iOS app. He also spent four years at Apple where he was one of the first ten engineers to work on iPhone OS 1.0, and developed apps like Stocks and Calculator.

Scott is deeply passionate about building Texture into a framework that allows effortless development of polished and performant apps that serve all users, regardless of device age, internet connection, or language.

Michael Schneider (@maicki) is especially passionate about API design and recently led the re-architecture of the layout API for the 2.0 release. As our resident layout expert, Michael volunteers much of his own time to help developers on Texture's public slack channel. Before he joined Pinterest, Michael worked on Pocket for iOS, Mac and Chrome and Read Later an Instapaper and Pocket Mac app.

Huy Nguyen (@nguyenhuy ) joined the Pinterest team after authoring Texture's automatic layout feature, which has become the foundation for the Texture's 2.0 release. To date, the Layout API has been the largest contribution to the framework by a community member!

Garrett Moon (@garrettmoon ) is the fearless leader of Pinterest's framework team. He also authored PINRemoteImage - a threadsafe, performant, feature rich image fetcher, and PINCache, a non-deadlocking fork of TMCache. Both are used as the backing store for ASNetworkImageNode.

Adlai ("Ad-lee") Holler (@adlai-holler) joined the Pinterest team after making major contributions to the framework while writing Tripstr in Swift with Texture.

Join us!

We are looking for senior developers familiar with Texture to join our team!

We have an exciting roadmap that we believe will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible on the iOS platform, while making the framework easier to use than ever before.

As part of the team, you would work on Texture, PINRemoteImage, and PINCache (the backing store for ASNetworkImageNode), while using all three in Pinterest’s app.

One interesting thing to note is that Pinterest does not have an internal fork of Texture. Everything is developed on master, with release branches cut from master only a few weeks before our public application launches. This allows us to move exceptionally quickly in developing and launching improvements to millions of users.

Sound interesting? Send us an email at

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