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Range Visualization

Visualize ASRangeController tuning parameters (PR #1390)

This debug feature adds a semi-transparent subview in the bottom right hand corner of the sharedApplication keyWindow that visualizes the ASRangeTuningParameters per each ASLayoutRangeType for each visible (on-screen) instance of ASRangeController.

This debug feature is useful for highly optimized Texture apps that require tuning of any ASRangeController. Or for anyone who is curious about how ASRangeControllers work.

The VerticalWithinHorizontal example app contains an ASPagerNode with embedded ASTableViews. In the screenshot with this feature enabled, you can see the two range controllers - ASTableView and ASCollectionView (ASPagerNode) - in the overlay.



In your AppDelegate.m file,

Make sure to call this method before initializing any component that uses an ASRangeControllers (ASTableView, ASCollectionView).

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