ASInterfaceState Constants Reference

Declared in ASDisplayNode.h


Interface state is available on ASDisplayNode and ASDKViewController, and allows checking whether a node is in an interface situation where it is prudent to trigger certain actions: measurement, data loading, display, and visibility (the latter for animations or other onscreen-only effects).


typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, ASInterfaceState ) {
   ASInterfaceStateNone = 0,
   ASInterfaceStateMeasureLayout = 1 < < 0,
   ASInterfaceStatePreload = 1 < < 1,
   ASInterfaceStateDisplay = 1 < < 2,
   ASInterfaceStateVisible = 1 < < 3,
   ASInterfaceStateInHierarchy = ASInterfaceStateMeasureLayout | ASInterfaceStatePreload | ASInterfaceStateDisplay | ASInterfaceStateVisible,



The element is not predicted to be onscreen soon and preloading should not be performed

Declared In ASDisplayNode.h.


The element may be added to a view soon that could become visible. Measure the layout, including size calculation.

Declared In ASDisplayNode.h.


The element is likely enough to come onscreen that disk and/or network data required for display should be fetched.

Declared In ASDisplayNode.h.


The element is very likely to become visible, and concurrent rendering should be executed for any -setNeedsDisplay.

Declared In ASDisplayNode.h.


The element is physically onscreen by at least 1 pixel. In practice, all other bit fields should also be set when this flag is set.

Declared In ASDisplayNode.h.


The node is not contained in a cell but it is in a window.

Declared In ASDisplayNode.h.

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