ASInsetLayoutSpec Class Reference

Inherits from ASLayoutSpec : NSObject
Declared in ASInsetLayoutSpec.h


A layout spec that wraps another layoutElement child, applying insets around it.

If the child has a size specified as a fraction, the fraction is resolved against this spec’s parent size after applying insets.

@example ASOuterLayoutSpec contains an ASInsetLayoutSpec with an ASInnerLayoutSpec. Suppose that: - ASOuterLayoutSpec is 200pt wide. - ASInnerLayoutSpec specifies its width as 100%. - The ASInsetLayoutSpec has insets of 10pt on every side. ASInnerLayoutSpec will have size 180pt, not 200pt, because it receives a parent size that has been adjusted for insets.

If you’re familiar with CSS: ASInsetLayoutSpec’s child behaves similarly to “box-sizing: border-box”.

An infinite inset is resolved as an inset equal to all remaining space after applying the other insets and child size. @example An ASInsetLayoutSpec with an infinite left inset and 10px for all other edges will position it’s child 10px from the right edge.

+ insetLayoutSpecWithInsets:child:

The amount of space to inset on each side.

+ (instancetype)insetLayoutSpecWithInsets:(UIEdgeInsets)insets child:(id<ASLayoutElement>)child



The amount of space to inset on each side.


The wrapped child to inset.

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