ASRangeController(ASRangeControllerUpdateRangeProtocol) Category Reference

Conforms to ASRangeControllerUpdateRangeProtocol
Declared in ASRangeController.h

– updateCurrentRangeWithMode:

  • Update the range mode for a range controller to a explicitly set mode until the node that contains the range
  • controller becomes visible again *
  • Logic for the automatic range mode:
    1. If there are no visible node paths available nothing is to be done and no range update will happen
    1. The initial range update if the range controller is visible always will be ASLayoutRangeModeCount
  • (ASLayoutRangeModeMinimum) as it’s the initial fetch
    1. The range mode set explicitly via updateCurrentRangeWithMode: will last at least one range update. After that it the range controller will use the explicit set range mode until it becomes visible and a new range update was triggered or a new range mode via updateCurrentRangeWithMode: is set
    1. If range mode is not explicitly set the range mode is variying based if the range controller is visible or not
- (void)updateCurrentRangeWithMode:(ASLayoutRangeMode)rangeMode

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