ASControlNode(Debugging) Category Reference

Declared in AsyncDisplayKit+Debug.h

+ setEnableHitTestDebug:

Class method to enable a visualization overlay of the tappable area on the ASControlNode. For app debugging purposes only. NOTE: GESTURE RECOGNIZERS, (including tap gesture recognizers on a control node) WILL NOT BE VISUALIZED!!! Overlay = translucent GREEN color, edges that are clipped by the tappable area of any parent (their bounds + hitTestSlop) in the hierarchy = DARK GREEN BORDERED EDGE, edges that are clipped by clipToBounds = YES of any parent in the hierarchy = ORANGE BORDERED EDGE (may still receive touches beyond overlay rect, but can’t be visualized).

+ (void)setEnableHitTestDebug:(BOOL)enable



Specify YES to make this debug feature enabled when messaging the ASControlNode class.

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